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Join one of the coolest internship programs in the adventure travel market in Cape Town, South Afri

As a growing adventure travel startup,

As a growing adventure travel startup, we are inviting everyone to apply for an internship with us. We are looking for 4 individuals to complete a 3-month internship with Vemgoo.com In Cape Town, South Africa.

Between Oct-Dec 2018 & Jan-March 2019 Are you a talented and adventurous individual? If so give vemgoo.com internship a go and apply today!


Step 1 Click APPLY NOW and register with your Facebook Account at Vemgoo.

Step 2 Edit your profile and add all information. In the “Describe Yourself” add the information on how you could help vemgoo.com to reach its vision.

Step 3 Complete your profile by adding your preferred sports and upload some pictures from your last adventures. Share this site with at least 3 friends!



Between 18-35 Years You Love Adventure & Sport You Are Smart You have a skill vemgoo needs. APPLY NOW

Dates 3 Months Batch 1 – October to December 2018 Batch 2- January to March 2019

Tasks As a full team member, you will work in the fields of Marketing, Data Science, Business Development & Sales. It won’t get boring.

What’s in for you? Free accommodation in the Vemgoo house in Cape Town Being part of the Vemgoo community Learning from experienced Entrepreneurs Watersports adventures Travels around South Africa Healthy Lifestyle What to bring? Yourself, Motivation

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