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Third Place at first leg of Sables to Horta

Statements by Alexander Krause and Antoine Carpentier (Stella Nova), 3rd
Alexander Krause, skipper of Stella Nova, 3rd: «It was a real challenge, on the first night, to find the wind and to leave in the good wagon but we succeeded. We’ve played at the front row from start to finish and we’re happy with that. Two days ago and yesterday, we were really close to Colombre XL but in the end we managed to distance him a bit and finally take third place. That’s great. We will try to do as well on the second run. The one that ended was still quite difficult. We had all types of conditions, and for two days we really felt like we were in a washing machine. We managed the situation rather well and made a difference on our closest competitors at that time. It has not been easy but our boat is really good in the strong wind and this is an important point for the future. ”

Antoine Carpentier, co-skipper of Stella Nova, 3rd: “We are rather pleased with this first stage especially that Alexander and I had never sailed together before. As far as I’m concerned, I never even got on that boat. We missed the coach at first, in the Bay of Biscay. Afterwards, we ran behind the first but we managed to contain our pursuers. Columbre XL is a boat that really works very hard when there are less than ten knots of wind. Yesterday, in the Azores high, we saw the Italians come back on us but then they fired a little too early, which made them lose a few miles when they were really just behind. Afterwards, the wind came in again, from the front, which allowed us to distance them again on the end. They did however a great stop. We enjoyed it, it was nice to make a little air in the air. We’re quite happy to have had a mix of different conditions. It was really nice but now I pass the relay to Burkhard Keese, owner of Stella Nova, for the second inning “.

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