6th place (3 hours behind the leader) at Quebec to St. Malo transatlantic race…

…it took just over 11 days to sail from Quebec to St. Malo. It was a very competitive race right from the start and all the way to the finish line. If the fog had cleared, a fellow competitor would have been in sight all of the time. Seven boats crossed the finishing line within 3 hours. After hundreds of tacks and jibes in the Saint Lawrence stream we finally entered the Atlantic Ocean. Tired and exhausted, we were also excited for the time ahead on the ocean – even though we didn’t see anything for couple of days due to dense fog. As the leader near Newfoundland we decided to take the most northern route of the whole fleet to stay ahead of the low pressure system which took us all the way to the Irish Sea. By the time we entered the English Channel the wind had dropped completely and we had a hard time to match the speed of the current, which was pushing us in the opposite direction. Just 30 miles to the finish line – after we got overtaken by a lighthouse – we decided to drop the anchor to wait for the current to change.

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